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A Premier full-service firm of Dispute Resolution, Business/Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property Experts in Abuja

Who We Are

We Are A Full Service Firm That Redefines Law Practice And Legal Support For Corporate Entities, Businesses and Individuals In Nigeria

We are 21st Street Legal Practitioners, a distinguished full-service law firm renowned for its pioneering approach to addressing the comprehensive legal and business requisites of our esteemed clientele. Our firm stands as a paragon of excellence, encompassing an array of legal and business support services. We specialize in Intellectual Property registration, management, and adept dispute resolution, extending our expertise to empower clients with strategic insights on harnessing their business and intellectual property assets for optimal success.

Our business advisory support services and IP management services ensures that our clients are left with enough time to dedicate to devising new business strategies to grow their businesses. Our clients are assured of quality services in every sphere of their business endeavors, from providing general legal advise, to negotiations, to serving as a liaison between our clients and industry regulators and also representing their interests while assisting to resolve their disputes.

Years of Experience
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24 Hour Legal Start-up & Business Support

At 21st Street LP, our dedicated team of professionals are always on hand to assist with all of your legal and business advisory needs. Our quality assurance and management policies ensure that you are guaranteed top tier legal service at any time.

Trusted IPRs Portfolio Management

21st Street LP offers a range of IP Management services, with the highest of attention to details. Our premium Portfolio Management services guarantees registration and monitoring of Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Domain Names. Our team of IP experts are always on hand to negotiate all contracts on behalf of our clients to ensure that they are adequately protected.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Our Client's happiness and satisfaction is the prime objective. We go about rendering our premium legal services with the happiness and satisfaction of our clients as our ultimate aim.

Track Record of Successful Litigation & Out of Court Settlements

At 21st Street Legal Practitioners, we strive for perfection, at the negotiating tables, in the court and at mediation centers. Our desire for perfection has translated over the years into a spate of successful litigations, negotiations and settlements in favour of our clients.

Our Areas of Practice

The Core areas of our practice at 21st Street Legal Practitioners include, but are not limited to;

Intellectual Property Law

21st Street LP offers trusted Intellectual Property management, protection, enforcement and due diligence services.

Corporate Secretarial Services

21st Street LP has a team dedicated to ensuring a seamless and effective corporate governance structure.

Start-up/Business Advisory Services

21st Street LP is the destination for start-ups and budding businesses. Our business advisory practice basically guides businesses and entrepreneurs by the hand as they navigate the choppy waters of the business-legal environment.

Privacy & Data Protection

Our Privacy and Data Protection practice is a niche area tailored to meet the needs of our clients that carry out most of their business activities on the digital plain, and whose operations involve collection and processing of personal data.

Dispute Resolution

Our team of lawyers are renowned experts in dispute resolution in several facets of legal practice. Our dispute resolution services include alternative mechanisms of resolving commercial disputes and conventional forms of resolution of disputes.

Real Estate/Property Management

Our Property Management practice group include practitioners who have demonstrable experience in negotiating real estate transactions, management of choice property and legal due diligence experts.

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